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Enrico Sege

Only prayer in the Catholic Church where one clause is PRAYED IN SILENCE!


It is the one and only prayer in the Holy Roman Catholic Church when recited, where one clause is PRAYED IN SILENCE!

This thanks to the Secretary of the Congregation of Faith, Archbishop A. Amato and certain Bishops of the Philippines.

They struggled with this clause. As initially did the first local Bishop, Msgr. J. Huibers, who dealt with this devotion sixty years ago. Behind this clause lies a fundamental question: Who truly is Mary to be for this time and this world? Upon later reflection the Bishop accepted it and granted permission for the Imprimatur.

As did approximately seventy Bishops and Cardinals worldwide. This indicates that they saw no contradiction with any teaching of the Church.

In 1996, the Prefect of the Congregation permitted the public release of the devotion to the Amsterdam Madonna.
Who truly is Mary to be for this time and this world was the dialogue that Pope John Paul II in 2002 explicitly encouraged fot the theologians. That same year 2002 the authenticity of the Amsterdam apparitions was recognised.

Archbishop A. Amato was puzzled when he heard that an angel-apparition in Akita, Japan did not speak the Magic Words, and asked leaving out or praying silently the clause during public prayer of the Blessing of Amsterdam.

Biro Battere

Levada caused a schisma

Mettingen in Germany One of the places where believers hold the right to remain silence in the Amsterdam Blessing. We make silence a demonstration of faith instead of politics, said Mr. Brenninckhof: After the church recognized the Amsterdam apparitions of the Holy Virgin, a pressuregroup in the Philippines misused Amsterdam for political goals. To dammage president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who believes her election was wrought by the Dutch apparition. A huge immage of Our Lady of Amsterdam flanked her at the inauguration.

Her opponents organized problems with the Prayer of Amsterdam, and more specific about how to interprete the words 'that once was Mary' in it. The bishops of the Philippines transferred the question to Rome.

The man in charge when the church recognized Amsterdam in 2002, had become pope. Mgr. Angelo Amato was temporary in the Sede Vacante. And ordered a deeper study of these mysterious words. Clearly waiting the nomination of a new boss. He advised people not to pray the words as they caused problems to some.

After months of study, the new perfect, Mgr. Levada made clear that the words just indicate one single person only: The Holy Virgin Mary. Without realising this would result in a total of three different versions of the Amsterdam Blessing. Levada caused a schisma, as some people interpreted his suggestion like it was a papal dogma, given ex cathedra. So, beside the Original and the 'Silenced' version, also known as the Amato-edition, there is now a Levada-norm, where instead of the mystic words his 'holy virgin Mary' is prayed.
And now when the Amsterdam Prayer is said in public, some say the new words. Mr. Brenninckhof: most pray in silence at this part of the blessing. Only in silence we do not oppose Our Lady or Rome!

Jacques Baldinger


Using the words "the holy Virgin Mary" is wrong. The correct words are "who once was Mary".
You can't change the words in a supernatural Prayer.
If you do so, it does'nt work any longer.
Keeping silent is possible.
Those who use "obedience" as an excuse to justify the formula "the holy Virgin Mary" (a mere human invention) should realize that they are damaging the essence of the messages of the Lady of all Nations. Nobody is obliged to pronounce this Prayer. But if you do so, please do it according to the Lady's wishes

By Mark Schultz IV

RE: Only prayer in the Catholic Church where one clause is PRAYED IN SILENCE!

Silenced prayers in the Diocese of Fresno, California
FRESNO CITY - (RC NetNews) Jose Dominguez, chairman of the Knights of the Lady of all People of Clovis (Fresno City) announced that the Knights will pray the Silenced Version of the miraculous Amsterdam Blessing 4 times in 2009.

The "Right to remain silence in prayer" is an initiative of a group from the Cathedral of St. Vibiana in Los Angeles, to comfort those that will say The Amsterdam Blessing as Our Lady herself has told, but also will show obedience to William Joseph Cardinal Levada. This head of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the Roman Curia changed some words in the Amsterdam formula, after these caused uproar in the Philippines.

Jose Dominguez: "You can't change words in a supernatural Prayer. If you do so, it does'nt work any longer."
The first Silenced Amsterdam Blessing will be said at Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Sunday, January 4 2009, after the service of 8:00 a.m.
The prayer will also be said on Sunday, May 11, Friday, August 15 and on Monday, December 8 after the Misa en Espańol at 8:00 a.m. We are planning to invite Fr. Salvador Gonzalez, Jr. , Director of Vocations for the diocese, to assists in the Amsterdam vocation of Monday, December 8. The Church of Our Lady is located at 9th and Dewitt Streets in Downtown Clovis - 3 blocks south of Bullard and 3 blocks east of Clovis Avenue.

Angelo Morbillo

Machine says Amsterdam Blessing in 3 versions, incl. one clause prayed in silence too!

Van The Lady of all Nations - the Amsterdam Apparitions in high resolution

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